Payment methods

1. Deposit to our bank account

If you wish to pay by depositing the amount of your order to our bank account, the products of your order will be blocked and they will be processed once the deposit of the amount has been confirmed by

NOTE: The order code and your name must be indicated on the deposit.

It is also necessary to send us your payment receipt by email to: in order for our staff to confirm and send the products.

If the payment receipt (scanned or photo) is not sent within 48 hours or we can not trace your payment using your order code or your full name, the order will be canceled.

Online transactions from Alpha Bank to Alpha Bank are free.
In all other cases the bank fees are borne exclusively by the customer. When processing a payment transfer you should choose "Expenses against the principal (OUR DEBT / OURS)" and you should transfer the amount of your order and additional the fees of your bank.

Our Bank account Details:
Bank: Alpha Bank
Account No: #


2. Cash on Delivery

When you choose cash on delivery, you will have to pay for the products of your order, upon delivery to the location you have declared, to the courier, adding the amount of the cod fees.

3. Payment by Credit or Debit card

Payment can be processed with all acceptable credit, debit or prepaid cards.
If you wish to process your payment online, using your credit or debit card, you will be redirected to the secure Alpha Bank electronic payment platform, which supports payments via: Visa, MasterCard.

The whole process is very simple: After selecting the products you want to buy, you choose: payment by credit card. A new window (pop-up window) will appear on your screen, and you will be redirected to the secured website of Alpha Bank (redirection). After you have been redirected you will have to enter the details of the card you want to charge. (For security reasons, our company does not have access to the customer's card details.) Once you have completed the process, Alpha Bank will debit the amount of your purchases and then, whether the transaction is accepted or not, you will receive a positive or negative response.


All payments using a card are processed through the Alpha Bank electronic payment platform and real TLS 1.1 encryption with 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer-SSL). Encryption is a process that codes the information, until it reaches its final recipient, who will be able to reveal it by using the appropriate key.

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